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Adelaide's Boutique Our Story

Welcome to Adelaide’s!

Opening their doors in July 2008, Adelaide’s has been the word on the street ever since. Adelaide’s is owned by sister-in-laws, Judy Tabuena and Laura Bull. Judy graduated from the University of Houston, Clear Lake, and Laura graduated from Texas A&M. Both went on to marry their high school sweethearts and are loving mothers. Laura has two little girls, and is married to David Bull (Judy’s brother) and Judy has four boys and a girl and is married to Bob Tabuena.


Both were teachers previously but then realized they weren’t able to spend as much time as they would like with their family, so they came together and decided to open Adelaide’s. Laura and Judy’s fathers each owned their own companies that started with the letter A, so together they sat down and proceeded to look at baby names and came across the name “Adelaide.” Both Laura and Judy decided that it was a pretty name that could work for everyone.


Adelaide’s is like one big happy family, from working together to employee parties, the staff is always having fun! Expanding their shop back in 2012, the store is now over 3,000 square feet. They are constantly adding new lines and never fail to bring the trendiest lines to the Clear Lake area. Adelaide’s is known for their fabulous trunk shows. From Johnny Was to Jack Rogers, the trunk shows are always a big hit! Supporting many local schools and charity events, Adelaide’s is always out in the community. They also display their lines in several community fashion shows throughout each year.

Having been around for six years, Adelaide’s has now gone online! Yes, wishes do come true! Here’s to online shopping!!

-Welcome & happy shopping!