February 4, 2015

How to Avoid Repeating Outfits in the Workplace

When you see the same people every day for a prolonged period of time, it can be difficult to avoid repeating outfits and to keep churning out new looks. However, with a little creativity, you can make it happen. From changing up accessories and makeup to dressing up or down with various statement pieces, it can be done. Here are a few ways to keep from repeating the same outfits without having to spend outside your budget.

Arrange your closet/dresser. One of the fastest ways to make sure you don’t repeat outfits too often is to organize your clothes so you can see all the options. Whether this simply means putting your clothes away in the dresser or completely reorganizing your entire clothing storage system, it’s ok. As long as you can see virtually all your options without having to dig through piles of clothing or go through drawers that have been crammed full of clothes, you will be able to keep track of the clothes that you have worn recently and the ones which could use some airing out.


Move clean clothes to the bottom. When you get clean clothes out of the drier, don’t put them at the top of your dresser. We tend to choose the clothes that are closest to hand, and if we always put our freshly laundered clothes on top of the stack, we will never get to the clothes on the bottom. When you put clean clothes away, put them at the bottom of the stack or the back of the dresser. Be sure to wear all of your clothes before repeating outfits.

Preplan. Plan your outfits the night before. This takes some of the stress out of the morning while ensuring you won’t accidentally snatch a shirt that you recently wore in your early morning haze. You can also evaluate what you wore that day while picking the next outfit, deciding whether you liked the style, the colors, or nothing at all. If you are a morning person and you get excited about choosing an outfit for the day, leave the planning for the morning.

Keep track of your outfits. Take a picture of your outfit each day, and save the photos in an easy-to-file and easy-to-access format. Look at the outfits you recently wore and think about how different clothes might be combined to create completely new ensembles. This particular method is best for those with very visual learning and memory and those with a high need for organization.

Repeat outfits that feel great. If you thoroughly enjoyed wearing a particular outfit, and you received compliments and felt great, then by all means wear it again. Perhaps not the next day or the same week, but a few weeks later? Don’t hesitate. You will probably get the same reactions as you did the first time, especially if the ensemble isn’t particularly memorable. While you don’t want to repeat too often so as not to make your coworkers wonder, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from wearing an outfit that makes you feel and look great.

Repeat in different groups. If you are particularly concerned about repeating a specific outfit and being caught doing so, simply wear the outfit to an outing with a different group of people. If you wear it at work on a Monday, you could wear it to a dinner with friends on a Wednesday night without fear of anybody realizing that you were recycling.

Repeat the style, but change the specifics. If you felt that you looked really good in your blue blazer, black slacks, and white button-up, you can repeat the style without fear or repeating the outfit. A white long sleeved shirt with a black skirt and the same blue blazer will be similar enough to create the same effect, but different enough for coworkers to consider you as wearing a different outfit and not the similarities.

Change accessories. One of the easiest ways to make your outfit appear new is to change the accessories. The same black dress with two different belts will look like to different outfits, while subconsciously reinforcing your coworkers’ image of you in that color or style. They will remember you as looking good in a very similar outfit, but they will not realize that the dress is the same both times. Instead, they will simply be impressed that you found a style that works for you. Of course, this can only be done so often is a particular time period before the effect will wear off. You can change even smaller accessories than the belt, as well. A scarf, earrings, or a necklace can all be used to create an ensemble distinct from your previous outfit.


Change the mood. A white dress worn by itself evokes a very pure, angelic image, while simply adding a brown or black leather jacket on top of the dress evokes a tougher image. Very small stylist changes or changes in color can create different impressions of an outfit, turning it into something new.

Change your hair. This may seem trivial, but altering your hair and makeup can affect the way your coworkers perceive your outfit and may prevent them from noticing a repeat. This works best with simple outfits, like a dress or a simple shirt and skirt combination. Letting your hair hang down will give you a freer appearance, while pinning it up on top of your head may make you look more stately or reserved. Small changes in makeup can create or enhance this same effect.


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February 2, 2015

A Woman’s Guide to Cold Weather Football

While you may be one of the many women who love football, the challenges of dressing for cold weather games can be stressful. How do you look good while also staying warm? Whether it’s a college football bowl game or NFL Sunday, do you know what to wear this football season? The following are a few tips for looking cute while staying warm and enjoying the game.

Layer. This is the number one most important aspect of dressing properly for cold weather, especially at a football game where the temperature in the stadium may fluctuate widely based on the wind and the sun. If the temperature is below freezing, as it may be for some of the games in the Midwest, wear long underwear underneath whatever cute outfit you may have on. A pair of leggings and a sweat-wicking undershirt are perfect for adding a little extra insulation. Do not wear cotton as your first layer because it will absorb any sweat and make you feel much colder.

You can wear your cute layer over the primary layer, but make sure the clothing is not too tight. You want your sweater, sweatshirt, or sweater dress layer to provide insulation over the body-hugging underlayer. Over your cute layer, wear a large overcoat just in case. You can take it off if you want to show off your outfit, but keep it with you in case the stadium cools off suddenly.

The weather won’t be as harsh if you’re in a southern stadium, but you should still bundle up. A sweater with a scarf to show your team’s colors is a great way to dress up and stay warm in 40 degree weather, while you can always take off the sweater if the sun warms up the stadium. Bring more clothing than you think you’ll need so you can be sure you’re prepared.

Don’t be concerned about making a fashion statement. If it is 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside, you should not be wearing only a sweater dress with a pair of leggings. It’s ok to look cute at a game, but when looking cute means you can’t enjoy the game because you’re freezing, it’s no longer worth it.


Keep your hands warm. When your body is exposed to extreme cold, it draws in blood from your extremities to keep your vital organs warm. This means your hands will get cold fast, even if you’ve got them stuffed in your pockets. Bring a pair of mittens instead of gloves; mittens allow your fingers contact with one another, meaning a little bit of extra warming. Mittens also have the space to allow you to slide hand warmers inside, keeping your fingers warm and toasty for the duration of the game.


Keep your feet warm. A pair of tennis shoes is not going to work for keeping your feet warm, and cowboy boots are far too thin to trap any warmth. The best options are a pair of snow boots, hiking boots, or a pair of thick, fur-lined boots. Your feet will suffer the same fate as your hands when your body pulls blood to the vital organs, and having warm feet can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of an outdoor sporting event.


Wear a thin pair of polypropylene or nylon socks underneath a much thicker pear of thermal wool socks with your thick boots to stay as warm as possible, and if there is any frost or snow on the ground, make sure your boots are waterproof. Avoid cotton socks, as they will absorb any moisture. Do not try to come to the game in high heels or sandals; you will immediately regret it.

Have proper head gear. A baseball cap traps a little bit of the heat escaping from your head, but leaves your ears exposed to the frigid air. A huge amount of your body heat escapes through your head, and a stocking cap will work best to keep your head and ears warm. A thick hat with earmuffs is also a legitimate option. Whatever type of headgear you choose, make sure it is thick and covers your ears.

Bring something to sit on. One of the fastest ways to get cold at a game is by sitting on the metal bleachers. The metal leaches the heat from your body, and by sitting down for 10 minutes, you will end up colder than when you first arrived. Bring a cushion, blanket, or some sort of folding chair to sit on that will separate you from the metal. This may not be very fashionable, but it will keep you much warmer.

Sweater with denim. A good option for most types of weather is a cute sweater with jeans. This may not be the most stylish outfit possibility, but it will keep you warm and allow you to show off your figure a little bit. Adding a scarf or a statement necklace is a great way to accessorize without taking away from the warmth of your ensemble. If it particularly cold, wear leggings and an undershirt underneath your sweater and jeans, and bring a heavy coat to wear on top of everything. Don’t forget that a cute stocking cap can be another practical statement piece.

Sweater dress with leggings. This may be what you see at a lot of southern stadiums this winter, where the weather may remain in the high 40s. The sweater dress is a cute look, when done right, and adding leggings to the ensemble will not detract from it. Remember to accessorize with a scarf, hat, or ear warmers. A pea coat or a puffy winter jacket thrown over everything should keep you warm enough to enjoy the game.

If you’re looking for the right clothes to wear to your next big game, look no farther than Adelaide’s. Adelaide’s has a number of sweaters and jackets to offer that will both keep you warm and let you look great at the game. One of the sweaters has a cowl that will help to layer material around your neck, keeping you warmer. Contact Adelaide’s to learn more about the options available to you or to buy one of these sweaters today.

January 30, 2015

Travel in Style to These 7 Destinations in 2015

With our Consuela totes, gorgeous accessories, and new arrivals, you’ll find yourself wanting to show off your new purchases to as many people as possible. What better way to do so than by traveling? Grab your favorite clothes, a bag, your cute new tote, and start exploring. There are hundreds of completely different travel experiences all to be found in America alone, and outside of the country there are thousands more.

The winter is a great time to travel, especially to foreign countries, because travel costs are lower and deals are much more abundant. This New Year’s, take an exciting trip to a country you’ve never been and soak up the experience as much as possible. The following are 7 of the most popular travel destinations from the upcoming year, both nationally and internationally.

1. Gulf Shores, AL. If you live near the Gulf Coast in Mississippi, Alabama, or Georgia, Gulf Shores may be the perfect place for a weekend or weeklong vacation. This small coastal area next to Mobile Bay is quickly growing into a popular tourist destination and anticipates growing even larger with the construction of the nearby Blue Collar Country sports complex.


Backed by Jeff Foxworthy and other famous “Blue Collar” comedians, the sports complex is planned to spread over 500 acres and will include a wide variety of sporting opportunities, drawing ever-greater numbers to the Gulf Shore. It is also a historical site, being the home of Fort Morgan, a sea fort built during the war of 1812. Gulf Shores was listed as one of the top 10 up-and-coming tourist destinations by TripAdvisor this year.

2. Avalon, California. Another of the top destinations according to TripAdvisor, Avalon is a quiet city on Catalina Island featuring a casino and movie theater dating to 1929. The Descano Beach is the perfect place for a couple to find their romantic getaway and escape from the stresses of civilization for a few days. It’s perfect for anyone from Southern California who simply got tired of all the people and wanted some time in a quieter place.


3. Yellowstone National Park, WY. Yellowstone will be cold in the wintertime, and parts of it may be impassable. However, it is one of the most visited of the US national parks and boasts an astounding number of wildlife, beautiful views, and truly amazing geologic activity. Old Faithful and the rest of the geysers in the western region of the park are sights that will interest anyone with even a passing interest in earth and environmental science, while the wide valleys of the parks northern region offer buffalo, pronghorn antelope, coyotes, and wolves for the animal enthusiast.


For anyone wishing to spend some time exploring America’s outdoors, you can’t do any better than Yellowstone. If you want to save money, you can’t beat Yellowstone in winter; prices are low, the park is nearly empty of people, and a number of packages are available for very affordable prices.

4. Sea Islands, South Carolina. At the southern tip of South Carolina, time seems to have forgotten the Lowcountry. Sprawling plantation homes and ancient live oaks grow lazily, hung with Spanish moss and looking like something straight out of a Revolutionary War era photograph. Hilton Head Island, the largest and most popular island in the area, was one of the first “eco-planned” resorts in America when it was built in the mid 1900s. Throughout this region of South Carolina, the Gullah culture lives on.

The Gullah people are descendents of West African and Central African slaves forced to work on coastal plantations before the civil war. The sea islands are so isolated that the Gullah people have retained a distinct culture, language, and identity that can be seen in storytelling, basket-weaving, and traditional food. If you want to learn about a little known piece of American history while visiting a beautiful part of the country, look no farther than the Sea Islands.

5. Costa Rica. There isn’t a specific city that draws people to Costa Rica, though typically tourists escape San Jose as quickly as possible. With ecotourism and healthy living on the rise, the rainforest country with beautiful beaches has become a top spot for vacationers to find yoga opportunities combined with surfing and zip lining through a rainforest canopy. The whole country is so small that it is possible to watch a sunrise on the Atlantic coast and drive to the Pacific Coast to watch it set. Costa Rica also offers beautiful resorts along its western coast, and some of the rarest habitat in the world can be found in the Cloud Forests of the country’s mountains.

6. Bahamas. The winter deals and discounts on vacations in the Bahamas are remarkably low. The temperature is mild and the islands beautiful, so what better time to escape from the snowy Northeastern US and take a break? The islands are full of people during the summer, mostly cruise ship tourists stopping for a day to shop in flea markets and enjoy some snorkeling off the beaches. During the winter, the Bahamas are much less crowded, and you can find great deals on some of the Bahamas’ tourist websites. Snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, and a host of water sports are all still possible in the Bahamas, where the December water temperature can reach 78 degrees Fahrenheit and the air temperature is still in the 70s.

7. Mexico. Like Costa Rica, Mexico is rising in popularity for its great yoga and surf opportunities, and especially for the travel possibilities in getting there. There are so many choices now offered for airlines and flights to Mexico that Americans can choose the best deals for their vacation all the time. Airlines now travel from Mexico City to Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and Fort Lauderdale, as well as from Seattle to Puerto Vallarta and from Cancun to Charlotte.

If you’re planning your winter vacation getaway, make sure you have everything you need. A suitcase, an easy-to-carry tote, and a planner or agenda to make sure you fit as many activities and sights into your trip as possible. Both Consuela totes and Lilly agendas are available from Adelaide’s Boutique, along with a number of other products to help you on your trip.

January 28, 2015

Say Thanks This Holiday Season With a Tasteful Housewarming Gift

Whether it’s a holiday party or a simple get-together, everyone loves a good housewarming gift. These simple presents can give a home a feeling of warmth, and often they can make up the little touches that turn a house into a home. Show your friends and family how much you care this holiday season by stocking up on tasteful, quality housewarming gifts. When new neighbors move into the house next door, make them feel welcome with an unexpected gift. The following are tips for doing your housewarming gift shopping this holiday season.

Keep it traditional. There are a surprising number of traditional housewarming gifts that don’t seem to make much sense in a modern context. It is their histories and symbolism that have made them so enduring housewarming gifts, and they continue to be popular today.

Pineapple. After Christopher Columbus found pineapple on Guadalupe and brought it back to Europe, it began to be a popular island fruit in Europe. Sailors would bring pineapples home from their journeys, and upon reaching their house they would place the pineapple at their door to invite friends to come visit. That sign of hospitality continues today.


Bread, salt, and wine. The film It’s a Wonderful Life depicts these three items as being symbolic of blessing a new home with prosperity and flavorful life. The image and quote from the film are powerful and stick with many American homeowners.

Plants. Growing plants symbolize life, and a young plant indicates a new life. In Japan, homeowners are greeted with a wide variety of plants, from cherry blossoms to bonsais to daisies. However, it can be a risk to choose plants for your housewarming gift. Some homeowners believe very strongly in the feng shui and energy of a home and may have certain beliefs or ideas about your specific plant. If you bring a plant that they believe to be unlucky, the situation can become awkward for everyone involved.


Acorns. According to ancient Germanic and Norse Mythology, the Oak tree is the tree of heaven. Thus, the acorn was collected and placed around homes for protection, along the windowsills, the doorframes, and throughout the home. Acorn-themed decorations and simple knick-knacks or decorations made of oak are still popular as housewarming gifts.

Candles. Candles symbolize warmth and light and are given in the hope that the home will always be filled with warmth and light and love. Some good candle options this holiday season are Tyler Candles from Adelaide’s Boutique.


Creative gifts. Some guests may choose to offer their hosts a more creative housewarming gift, something not untraditional but still thoughtful and heartfelt. In today’s society, there are few constrictions on what a housewarming gift can be as long as it is appropriate and appreciated.

A meal. Many neighbors choose to bring a hot meal to a family that has just moved in, striving to take the burden of cooking off them while they unpack and adjust to their new circumstances.

Baked goods. Brownies, cookies, or cake are all appropriate housewarming gifts, as they provide a tasty treat to welcome the new neighbors. However, with both a meal and baked goods, you could strike out. Try to check with the new homeowners about allergies and eating restrictions before giving them any food-based gifts.

Paper products. Toilet paper and paper towels never go amiss in a home, and when wrapped up in holiday paper or with festive decorations, they make the perfect practical housewarming present.

Coffee starter kit. Most Americans drink coffee, and there are a host of different blends and flavors available from many different companies. Choose a variety pack to give to your new neighbors, and include as many different types of coffee as you can. Add in several of your favorites and let them know which ones they are so that you and your new neighbors might bond over something as simple and universal as coffee.

Birdfeeder. A birdfeeder, especially a homemade one if you have artistic inclinations, is a housewarming gift that combines the symbolic and the creative, allowing your neighbor to celebrate his or her move in by inviting some of your feathered neighbors into his yard.

Bottle/Wine opener. Combine this with a nice bottle of wine or case of craft beer and you may just make your neighbors first weekend in their new home more relaxing than they were expecting. Be sure to find out whether or not your new neighbors drink alcohol since you don’t want to give them a gift that will create an awkward situation.

Cutting board. A nice wooden carving block or vegetable cutting board is a great housewarming gift. They are incredibly useful as well as being a very attractive feature in the kitchen.

Coasters. Coasters are a great housewarming gift, as they are simple, inexpensive, and come in a huge variety of materials, patterns, colors, and designs. Cork coasters, painted wood coasters, woven coasters, and more are all possible gifts.

Technology gifts. These can be tricky, and are best for housewarming gifts for people that you know well. If your brother and sister-in-law move to a new house and they both have iPhone 5s, you can buy them a speaker system and mobile charging station. Similarly, a charging station or speaker with USB adaptor cables is a good option for a more modern housewarming gift.

Stay away from pets. If your friends move to a new home and you know that they’ve been wanting a pet, you should not take this opportunity to make this dream come true. Pet lovers want to be able to pick out their own pets so that they can be certain of providing each pet with the best care possible. Similarly, if they don’t already have a pet and have never expressed interest in having one, you will be greatly overstepping your bounds by buying a pet for them.

Don’t go too expensive. You want to put thought into your new gift, but you don’t want it to be so expensive that it makes the recipient feel uncomfortable. Keep it simple and low priced, and the thought will be what matters most.

If you need more ideas for housewarming gifts, or if you want to buy any housewarming gifts today, contact Adelaide’s Boutique. Totes, candles, mobile phone charging stations, and stationary are all possible gifts available from Adelaide’s.

January 26, 2015

The 5 Benefits of Being in a Sorority

Being in a sorority is a life-changing event. For most, it’s the beginning of lifelong friendships, beautiful memories, and personal growth. Sorority membership means instant inclusion and connection with people from all over the country, even after you graduate from college, as well as a chance to be eternally proud of your organization. With bumper stickers and magnet packs from Adelaide’s, you can show everyone just how proud you are of your sorority. But when they ask what you love so much about your experience, what will you say? Well, the five basic benefits of being in a sorority are, of course, sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, philanthropy, and socializing.

Sisterhood. While in college, you will meet some of the most important and influential people in your life, as well as friends who will know everything there is to know about you. From late night food runs to mistakes made at a party, you will almost always have friends with you to share the ride. And while friendships can be born out of a mutual dislike of a class or being placed on the same freshman hall, some of the closest and most enduring friendships are those that sorority girls form with their families.


In sororities, girls usually form “families” within the different age groups. Each member of the family can act as a mentor to the girl below her. Some schools and some girls take these relationships more seriously than others, and some girls are more invested in the relationships than their “family members.” Despite specific situations, being a part of a sorority means that you are guaranteed a group of friends to hang out with at virtually any event, and a group of girls who will protect you and defend you from just about anything.

Scholarship. While Hollywood portrays sorority girls as ditzy and shallow, most sororities have special awards and honors for academic achievement. Members who achieve perfect GPAs are awarded each semester, usually with some sort of physical token they can wear on their sorority pin. This focus on academics also typically includes a sorority member in charge of monitoring her sister’s grades, making sure that all sisters can handle their workloads. Any sister who is falling behind can receive help, not only from a professor or a fellow student in their class but from sisters who took the class before and did well or majors who are familiar with the professor and his or her grading policy.


A further academic benefit that sororities provide to their members is a network of advisors and previous students who can offer the best advice on classes, scheduling, and time management skills. You are likely to find at least one of every major in any given sorority at a small university, and these young women can help the students below them to navigate the major course load and make good choices in terms of choosing teachers and class times. Knowing you have a huge network of friends and “family” to fall back on for any academic troubles you may run into is a huge relief to students who would otherwise struggle with their classes.

Leadership. In most sororities, there are a huge number of positions of leadership, usually enough so that most members can serve at some point during their four years if they so choose. Organized essentially the same as any modern business, they consist of a president, numerous vice presidents, secretary, philanthropy chair, and more. All of these positions involve skills and personality traits that must be learned and fostered if the sorority is to be successful. As with academics, there is a large support system already in place to ensure all students can perform their positions, with former leaders acting as mentors for younger girls.

All of the leadership qualities learned in a sorority, in addition to the simple structure of weekly meetings, memos, and coordination between different leaders for a common goal, are easily translatable to modern work life. Because they learned how to lead during their college years and how to take responsibility for a project or a cause, these young women are more prepared than others for the tasks involve in running a business and holding a position within a company.

Philanthropy. A large part of every sorority is their philanthropy efforts. Most sororities have one charity that they adopt as their main philanthropic cause, and each year they have a fundraising effort to raise money for that specific charity. These fundraising efforts often involve other sororities and fraternities as well as students and faculty unaffiliated with Greek life. The philanthropic chair of each sorority is responsible for planning the fundraising event and coordinating the efforts to reach out to local sponsors, fellow Greek organizations, and the school at large. Fundraising ideas have included burger cook-offs, unlimited pancake dinners, 5k runs, and more.

Socializing. The other basic benefit to being in a sorority is the opportunity for social growth that is afforded to members. Sorority sisters not only spend time together on campus or live together in houses or apartments, but also at functions. Semi-formals, formals, and various other functions take place every semester, allowing the sororities to invite friends or dates to join them and their sister for a night of fun, food, and dancing. These functions are often where sorority members (and their dates) learn how to dance and where they can socialize with each other and with fellow students in a more intimate setting than on campus.


The skills learned during these social events are often called into play at weddings, office parties, and essentially every formal event that a person must attend in their adult life. How to strike up conversations with strangers, how to dance, and how to make people feel comfortable in a formal setting are all skills picked up through sorority events. As such, sorority girls are proud of their sisterhood and eager to identify with their sorority. Sorority bumper stickers and magnet packs, like the ones sold by Adelaide’s Boutique, are a popular way for sorority sisters to identify one another and to show support for the organization that became their family.

January 23, 2015

12 Tips for Caring for Your Skin This Winter

Unless you’re a Disney princess or part of a royal family, winter probably isn’t kind to your skin. The cold, dry air wicks away your natural oils and leaves you with cracked lips and fingers that are painful and unsightly. Thankfully, though, there are methods for caring for your skin in ways that leave it healthy and refreshed. Below are 12 tips for maintaining healthy skin during the winter, as well as some products to consider to improve your skin.

 1. Use sunscreen


While tanning and sunbathing are hugely popular, your body’s exposure to UV radiation will do damage to your skin over time. Aside from the possibly giving you skin cancer, UV radiation will cause deeper lines and wrinkles that age a person dramatically. The skin often takes on a mottled, rough tone and a leather-like quality when not protected by sunscreen. If you have to spend a lot of time outdoors this winter, put on strong, UV blocking sunscreen and reapply whenever you feel that it has begun to wear off.

2. Avoid smoking


Smoking is another common cause of wrinkles and lines in the face, as well as the possibilities of lung cancer, various organ diseases, and even vision problems. If you quit smoking, you can protect yourself from all of these problems and drastically reduce the physical effects of aging.

3. Keep your skincare regiment simple

Adding more and more products might seem like a good way to bring your skin to new levels of beauty, but before you simply add on, you should know how the chemicals are interacting. Some skincare products will cancel out the effects of others, while some may combine with other products to create new irritations and skin problems. All you really need to keep your face healthy is soap, water, a cleanser, and a moisturizer.

4. Give skincare products time

If you do buy new skincare products recommended by a dermatologist or physician, make sure you give them time to work. Most skin care products will take up to 2 weeks before their effects become evident, and some can take as long as 3 weeks. If you don’t see results immediately, learn to be patient. Talk with the doctor who prescribed the product if you have any concerns about its effectiveness or use.

5. Moisturize

During the winter, the cold weather and dry air makes moisturizing more important than ever. Your hands, face, and joints will dry out incredibly quickly, leaving you with cracked, ashy skin. This makes you more susceptible to simple scrapes and cuts, and makes you much more likely to bleed from small cuts on your lips or fingers. To keep you skin hydrated and healthy, apply moisturizer on a regular basis.

6. Protect your hands

Because your hands have a thinner layer of skin than most of the rest of your body, they have fewer glands and produce less oil. This makes them susceptible to drying out more quickly than the rest of your body. To keep your skin moist, wear thin cotton gloves underneath your thick woolen gloves to trap more of the moisture and prevent the rough abrasion of wool against your hands. Another way to keep your hands protected is to apply lotion, moisturizer, or Vaseline to your hands before bed and then put on a thin pair of gloves to keep the oils from washing off and to keep you hands flexible and soft.

7. Use a humidifier


A humidifier will help balance out the hot, dry air produced by HVAC systems and will allow the home’s occupants to live comfortably without fear of cracked or dry hands. Humidifiers can also help with homeowners whose noses and eyes are constantly dried out and irritated, helping to clear clogged sinuses and more. Several small humidifiers – one in each room – can help to increase the moisture of an entire home.

8. Avoid very hot baths

While few things feel better than a really hot bath or dip in the hot tub on a cold winter’s day, it is actually surprisingly bad for your skin. The high temperature will break down the lipid barriers of your skin, taking away an important line of protection and lead to dry skin. Hot water temperatures also lead to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and vasodilation of the vessels just below the skin’s surface. You’re much better off taking a lukewarm shower or bath or at least adding oatmeal or baking soda to your baths to relieve itchiness.

9. Use Vaseline

During winter, Vaseline not only protects your skin from drying out and cracking, it also keeps you slightly warmer. Vaseline is an oily, lipid substance that traps heat more effectively than the oils you secrete naturally. It also helps to make skin more flexible, protecting you from skinned knees and elbows. Vaseline can be used as lip balm, foot cream, and more, and will be your skin’s best friend this winter.

10. Remember lip balm

A common problem facing people during the winter is chapped lips. Your saliva will dry out your lips in record time, leaving them tight and cracked. If they are not softened with lip balm, they might end up bleeding and causing you pain with every facial expression.

11. Treat your feet

Your feet experience a lot of wear and tear, and proper care is typically not exercised on feet. If your feet have rough spots after a long day of hiking or walking around, use a pumice stone to rub away the calluses and rehydrate your feet. While your feet are still damp, apply an exfoliating/moisturizing cream and put on a pair of socks before getting into bed. This will keep the cream from rubbing off of your feet and allow it to work effectively.

12. Visit a dermatologist

If you have concerns about your skin’s health or need advice or prescriptions to take better care of it, visit your local dermatologist today. He or she can offer professional care and services to make your skin glow.

If you are looking for new products to try out on your skin, look no further than Lollia skincare products sold by Adelaide’s. A few of the products offered by Lollia include Shea Butter Handcreme, Shea Butter Soap, bubble bath formula, and perfume. For more information about any of these products or further tips on taking care of your skin, contact Adelaide’s today.

January 21, 2015

Consuela Totes Help You Look Good While Traveling!

Whether it’s a three-leg flight across the country or a six-hour drive to your grandparent’s home in the mountains, looking good while traveling can be a challenge. Traveling is stressful, time-consuming, and usually not the most comfortable experience. This is why you often see people on airplanes in their sweatpants and comfortable hoodies, looking like they just rolled out of bed. However, looking put together while on the road or in the air will make you feel better about yourself and will subconsciously raise your confidence and impress those around you. The following are a few tips for looking good when you travel.

Moisturize. One of the most important tips for keeping your skin healthy while you travel to different climates is moisturizer. Whether in dry climates or humid climates, hot or cold, your skin can quickly dry out and become cracked. In an airplane cabin, where the cabin pressure will cause faster dehydration, it is even more important to moisturize before flying.


Drink water. Dehydration is a common traveling problem, causing headaches, dry skin, dry mouth, and more. Airplane cabins tend to dehydrate travelers more quickly, making it even more important to drink a lot of water. The stress that your body undergoes while traveling to new climates or new time zones can also lead to dehydration. Drink a lot of water, and avoid alcoholic beverages and sodas.


Have mouthwash or toothpaste on hand. When you get off the plane or the train after several hours of sitting still and napping intermittently, your breath is not going to smell good. Always have toothpaste and a toothbrush on hand, but if for any reason you are unable to use a sink, have some mouthwash handy, as well. A swig of mouthwash can eliminate your halitosis and kill any lingering bacteria in your mouth, allowing you to face the world with fresh breath and a confident smile.


Eat the right foods. Sugary or salty snacks may sound tasty while you’re traveling, but to stay healthy on the flight, opt for foods that are high in anti-inflammatory fats and Omega-3 acids. Walnuts, beef jerky, and hardboiled eggs are all high in Omega 3-acids, which help your skin to stay healthy and keep you feeling full during the flight.

Blotting paper. When your skin begins to dry out during your travels, it will produce extra oils to compensate. Blotting paper or rice paper, when dabbed along the nose and around the eyes, does an amazing job of removing extra oils while keeping the skin moist. This is very useful in exceptionally humid climates, where sweat and oil seem like constant companions. Being sweat free for even a few minutes is enough to keep you looking fresh and ready to go.

Bring eyedrops. Your eyes will dry out on a plane ride, not only because of the dehydrating effects of the cabin pressure but also because of the number of movies you watch and books you read. Your eyes will become fatigued from focusing on a screen for too long, and while your eyes focus on your TV screen, your blink rate will drop dramatically. Eyedrops applied upon landing or upon disembarking the plane can help reduce redness and irritation, while also giving your eyes a brightness and liveliness that is missing from most travelers.

Don’t touch your face. By touching your hands to your face too often, you transfer even more oils to your face, making blotting paper a necessity. Touching your face too much can also lead to irritated skin, outbreaks of acne, and other dermatological problems. In addition, your hands are exposed to more germs and harmful bacteria while traveling than at almost any other time, and constantly touching your face transfers those potentially harmful bacteria.

Rest whenever you can. Perhaps the biggest key to completing your travels well rested and looking great is to rest or nap while you travel. This will reduce puffiness around your eyes and keep them from getting red or glassy, while also conserving your energy levels for when you land. Sleeping on red-eye flights is also very important, and dabbing night cream around your eyes and covering them with a facemask before nodding off is another way to ensure you wake up looking well rested.

Bring your own cleanser. Face cleanser is an important part of most people’s daily skin-care ritual, and switching to a different cleanser while you travel can have a number of consequences. Cleansers in other countries may use different chemicals from your cleanser, which could cause your skin harm. Pack your own cleanser with you whenever you travel to keep your skin’s pH levels normal and prevent breakouts or other skin irritations.

Always pack an extra change of clothes. Even if the majority of your luggage was checked onto the plane, have one spare set of clothes to change into in your carry on. This is a huge help if you have any accidents while traveling, either from food spilling or anything else. For some people, being able to change into a fresh shirt and shorts makes them feel more confident and excited about the new day. The extra clothes are also very useful should your baggage be delayed or lost.

Keep your hair under wraps. A loose bun or braided hair are both perfect options for travelling since they disguise any greasiness and are very practical while traveling. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, however, you can let your hair down, where it will fall into waves or a cute crimped style that can look very attractive.

Carry the right bags. If your clothes, makeup, and hair are immaculate but your bag is a grungy and stained duffle from your middle school years, your impression of the attractive and always-ready traveler will be somewhat damaged. Cute bags and totes from Adelaide’s Boutique, particularly the Consuela line, make great carry-on bags for planes, trains, and buses. Consuela totes come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors and look great on anyone.

If you are preparing for a long trip and need some pointers on looking and feeling great, try a few of the above tips. If you want to buy a new bag for your vacation, contact Adelaide’s Boutique today.

January 19, 2015

How to Show Bridesmaids They’re Special

When planning a wedding, there is so much to consider. From the “big picture” aspects such as the wedding date and venue to small details such as bridesmaid gifts and dinner table assignments, it can all seem so overwhelming. Thankfully, some parts are easier than others to figure out. When it comes to bridesmaid gifts, the shopping should be fun. These are the women you trust to have standing beside you on one of the most important days of your life, and you want to make sure their gifts are befitting of their place in your life. The following are a few pieces of advice for picking out bridesmaid gifts.

Buy an individual gift for each bridesmaid. If you have a small number of bridesmaids, you might consider buying each one an individual gift to show your thanks and appreciation. You can buy each bridesmaid a gift she has been wanting for a long time or a personalized gift that is specific to your relationship. If you choose the individual gift option, make sure you have something of equal importance and value for every bridesmaid and that each gift clearly demonstrates your care in choosing it.


Buy something every bridesmaid will enjoy. If you have a large group of bridesmaids or if the thought of picking out a personalized gift for each one is a burden, consider getting several of the same gift. This ensures that each bridesmaid receives a gift of the same value and precludes any possibility of jealousy. The difficult aspect of this gift giving idea is choosing a gift that every bridesmaid will like. If only half of your bridesmaids like silver necklaces or if two of your bridesmaids don’t like books, they will be given something different.


Personalize the gift. One way to keep the gifts thoughtful when each bridesmaid is receiving the same thing is to personalize the gifts. For crafty items, consider using each bridesmaid’s favorite color, and with jewelry consider having their names or initials stamped or engraved onto each piece. Add a handwritten note or card to each of the gifts to further personalize them and to tell each bridesmaid individually how much their friendship, support, and participation in your wedding means to you.

Choose the right time to give the gifts. Most brides give their bridesmaids gifts on the morning of the wedding, while they spend private girl time together preparing for the wedding. Another popular time to give the presents is at the rehearsal dinner or at a bridal luncheon, presenting the gifts in a show of public appreciation. Whenever you decide to give the gifts, make it a special moment between you and your bridesmaids.

Make the bridesmaids the focus. Some bridesmaid gifts seem to be less about the friends and more about the bride herself, or about making her wedding perfect. Jewelry that is intended to be worn at the wedding, for example, gives the impression of being more about completing the bride’s “perfect day” than about showing her appreciation for her bridesmaids. Personalized gifts and giving them in an intimate, private setting is meaningful because it lets the bride focus on her friends and family. This is the one time during the bride’s day that she really has the opportunity to give to other people and show her appreciation, so it’s important to make the most of it.

Work in your budget. Weddings are outrageously expensive, and if you try to give an expensive gift to each bridesmaid, you might find yourself running out of money. Set a price limit for bridesmaid gifts, and stick to that limit. This goes for either a group gift or individual presents. As long as you spend the same amount on each bridesmaid, and as long as the gifts come from your heart, they will be appreciated.


Buy the presents early. While it doesn’t have to be the first thing on your list, your bridesmaids gifts should not be something you wait until the last minute to get. If you choose personalized or customized gifts like engraved jewelry, order them even earlier to allow for the possibility of a mistake and a necessary redo. You will also need extra time if you have to order the gifts online or from a store with a limited supply. Take time to pick out the right presents, and don’t settle for something cheap or stereotypical.

Consider their age. If you have young bridesmaids, like younger sisters or cousins for example, choose age-appropriate gifts. A bottle of wine or some other alcoholic beverage might be inappropriate and illegal, while more risqué gifts may not be appreciated. The same goes for brides with older bridesmaids, such as their mother or aunts.

Choose something useful. Some gifts are appreciated once and then never used again. Don’t give a present that can’t be used or appreciated after your wedding—anything labeled “bridesmaid” can only be truly appreciated once. Practical gifts like jewelry, purses, coffee mixes or chocolates, and personalized stationary are popular choices for a bridesmaid gift.

Get inspiration. Look online at artsy websites for ideas if you can’t come up with a great gift. The Pinterest “Weddings” page is perhaps one of the most visited pages on the site and has many great present ideas. Gift websites are another good option, even if you simply want to see what other brides before you have done. If you have participated in any weddings, think about your favorite bridesmaid gift and why you like it so much; pick a present that shares those qualities and will bring your bridesmaids the same amount of joy and happiness.

One place to look for inspiration is Adelaide’s Boutique. Adelaide’s offers a number of varied and beautiful jewelry that would make for great bridesmaids gifts, including necklaces and earrings made of gold, silver, onyx, and various other minerals and gems. Adelaide’s also offers an extensive gift collection, including such items as stationary, thermoses, nail polish, decorative plates, and more.

If you are struggling to come up with good ideas for bridesmaid gifts, think about what each bridesmaid loves most. If you can give each one a gift that speaks to her passions, you will have succeeded. For more specific ideas or to look at prices for great gifts, contact Adelaide’s today.

January 16, 2015

A Husband’s Guide to Buying Your Wife’s Christmas Gift

Husbands everywhere shudder at the idea of thinking about what to get their wives for Christmas. Some say stay away from clothing, while others encourage it. Some wives feel gift cards are impersonal, while other women enjoy the freedom to buy what they really want. For some, the gift of a quiet evening alone is the perfect gift, and for others, the best present is a weekend spent with girlfriends. And of course, figuring out what your wife wants most for Christmas will be the hardest task of all. How will you decipher the mixed signals and make your wife happy this holiday season? Below are a few tips for shopping for your wife, as well as some ever-popular seasonal gifts and ideas.

Do some detective work. In the months and weeks leading up to the holidays, take note of the items she expresses an interest in. Pay attention to the scents of candles and lotions she buys, note the authors she reads the most, and listen to her favorite music to get a better idea of what she treasures.


The best gift is not only something that she really wants, but her knowing you were paying attention and remembered what she likes. If you want to make your gift a surprise, talk to her friends, sisters, or mother to find out what she wants or to give you input on the gift ideas that you’ve come up with. Another option is to simply get her a gift card to her favorite store so that she can treat herself. If you are more concerned about getting her exactly what she wants, it’s never a bad idea to simply ask her.

Don’t trust your lists. Even if you fancy yourself the most intuitive husband out there, the chances of you guessing exactly what your wife wants are slim. Make a list of possible gifts. Mark out any gift that you will enjoy more than she will, and get rid of any item that could be construed as sending any message other than “I love you and think you are the most beautiful woman on the planet.” After you’ve crossed out most of your list, give it to her friends and family members to edit. If anything is left, consider getting that gift.


Don’t be afraid of cliché. The most popular Christmas gifts for men to give their wives — spa treatments, gift cards for clothing stores, a weekend vacation away from the kids —are popular for a reason. These are all gifts that your wife can use and appreciate, and they aren’t bad ideas. What can make them less than perfect is their unoriginality. The most important part of your Christmas gift is that you put effort and thought into it.

Don’t be afraid to buy clothes. Clothes are one of the timeless gifts that women of all ages enjoy, but many men shy away from this present for fear of choosing the wrong clothes. While this is a legitimate fear, picking out a nice dress may not be as hard as you think.


Know your wife’s dress size. Look through the dresses your wife already has to find out what size fits her best. If she has a favorite dress, choose a dress with the same dimensions.

Know your wife’s style tastes. This one is more difficult because it is less objective. Think about which dresses she wears most often, and take note of what she is wearing whenever she mentions feeling beautiful or confident. Pay attention to little things that you never thought about. the width and length of the shoulder straps, whether the dress has sleeves, the length of the dress, the existence of a belt or other accessory feature, and even the design of the back.

Consider color and material as well when picking out a dress. If your wife has expressed interest in a specific color that she doesn’t have or a material that she would like more of, use that information. Some common winter and holiday styles include lace dresses, sequin dresses, and maxi dresses. Red and green are, of course, popular colors for Christmastime, but blue, white, and silver are also popular throughout the winter. A simple black dress is another classic option that never goes out of style.

Choose a flattering dress. Again, take a look through your wife’s closet to see what dresses she has a lot of, and note whenever she wears a dress that looks particularly good on her. If she is short, choose a shorter dress, and if she is self-conscious about any part of her body, find a dress that conceals that part. Look for the dress that will make her feel as beautiful as you find her.

Pick a color to match her skin tone. As a general rule, pale skin is accented by darker colors and tan skin by pale tones. When picking out a color for your wife’s dress, you should also take into account the tint of her skin. red-tinged, olive, or yellow tinged, for example. Some colors, like yellow, look best on people with an olive skin tone, and you want a dress that will accentuate your wife’s natural coloring.

Choose a dress that fits her personality. A serious person will look better and feel more comfortable in a more conservative dress, while a free-spirited woman needs clothes to match her whimsical moods.

Get black and white. Dresses with black and white patterns or prints like these dresses from Adelaide’s are a good option for any time of the year and any situation, but are perhaps best during the winter season.

Match the dress with accessories. Adding accessories that match the dress you bought her will complete your wife’s Christmas gift. Choose a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings that matches the colors or patterns of the dress, or consider simple gold or silver jewelry. A number of the jewelry options at Adelaide’s are great options for a Christmas gift.

If you need help picking out the perfect dress or jewelry for your wife for Christmas, consult a professional at a retail store or a boutique. The employees at Adelaide’s are always available to help customers and can help you find the perfect gift to make your Christmas memorable.

January 14, 2015

How to Dress for Your Office Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again! Holiday parties begin to fill up your weekends, and you’re forced to get creative with outfits. While you want to look your best at every holiday party you attend this season, none are more important – arguably – than your office party. You want to look good but not reveal too much. You want to have fun but not come off as inappropriate. How do you dress with class and look good doing it? The following are tips for dressing for your office party, including a few outfit ideas.

Know the party expectations. Pay attention to all memos about the party to make sure you arrive on time, bring any food or drink that is needed, and follow the dress code. Office Christmas parties can range from casual to very formal depending on the location, time, and industry you work in.

Consider the time. Parties during the day are typically less formal than evening affairs but still require dressing up. Unless the party invitations specifically request guests to dress casual or to wear themed clothing, opt for dressy casual or business wear for lunch or afternoon events. For an evening event, opt for much more formal clothing.

Stay conservative. An office Christmas party is not the time or place to show off or to reveal what your typical work clothes cover up. Letting loose a little is expected, but being too free with your clothing choices can ruffle feathers and lead to unpleasant situations with bosses and coworkers. Men should avoid too-tight clothing, while women should avoid low cut dresses or showing a lot of cleavage. Christmas parties are a great time to relax, but keep in mind that you are still in a professional setting with work colleagues.


Leave the Christmas sweater at home. Some holiday parties may require you to wear a tacky sweater with lights and bells, but your office party is not one of these.

Consider the venue. If your holiday office party is being held at a ballroom or exclusive country club, err on the side of very formal. A cookout at your boss’ house or a party at the local bar can be more casual, and dressing too formally will make you look out of place.

Dress for the weather. Don’t forget to bring an overcoat or heavy jacket if you have to be outside for any extended period of time. Part of the holiday weather is learning to embrace the cold and use it to influence your style. A nice scarf or pair of gloves can be a good way to accessorize appropriately while staying warm.


Plan ahead. If you have time to go home between work and the party, change, and prepare for the party there. If the party immediately follows work, you may want to bring your nice clothes to change into at the office. Some decide to simply wear their dress clothes all day, but changing just before the party allows you to look more put together. In this case, you will need to bring everything you need to change into without forgetting accessories like belts, earrings, or necklaces. For men, it’s important to remember a change of shoes and a nice pair of socks.

Feel free to accessorize. One great way to improve your wardrobe and appearance without choosing any risky clothing options is to accessorize. Some nice earrings, a necklace, and rings can all express your personality and add something new to your typical work attire.

But don’t accessorize too much. For a holiday office party, don’t choose annoying or awkward accessories. Wearing mistletoe, for example, may seem like a cute idea, but it can also lead to harassment or awkward office romance situations. Jingle bells are fun and will make people smile for the first few minutes, but they quickly become annoying. Flashing lights and clothing that makes noise have the same effect.

Choose a suit. For both men and women, a nice suit is perfect for formal dinners and evening parties. A dark suit will look best for the wintertime, and women can choose to wear either a pant suit or a skirt suit as they prefer. Even for less formal occasions, a suit can still impress without looking too overdressed.

Slacks and a sweater. For business casual events, a solid option for both men and women is a sweater with slacks. Men should choose dark slacks for more formal occasions, and should typically wear a collared white or blue button down shirt beneath the sweater. For women, black or gray slacks paired with a close fitting red, white or black sweater is a very classy and always-appropriate choice.

The classic black dress. Appropriate for formal dinners and cocktail parties as well as more casual evening events, the black dress is almost always a great choice for looking classy and appropriate and can be very easily accessorized with the addition of gold or silver jewelry.


Lace dress. A common go-to for the holiday season, lace dresses are a good choice for most office party dress codes, from business-casual to formal. Navy and red are very popular for the season, though white and cream can also look great.

A tuxedo and ball gown. Some successful corporations and law firms host formal dinners and holiday events at high-class venues like ballrooms. Investors, partners, and other successful company affiliates are typically in attendance, and anything less than your best outfits would look out of place. If you work at a company that has throws these types of parties, make sure you have appropriate outfits and accessories.

Don’t make a faux pas. Men need to match their belt to their shoes, leave the bottom button of coats and vests unbuttoned, match the socks to the pants, and choose a tie of the right width. Women should take care to not choose too many accessories, avoid ill-fitting clothes, and not mix patterns.

More holiday party fashion tips and outfit ideas can be found online. If you are concerned about your appearance, ask your boss or the coworker planning the party to clarify the dress code or get a census of what your coworkers will be wearing.